Waterproof Sunscreen

Protect your skin and keep our ocean clean with Key Sun Zinke’s waterproof sunscreen! Our sunscreen — designed to withstand the harsh Australian sun — stays water-resistant for up to four hours, so you can enjoy a refreshing dip whenever the mood strikes. 

Our water-resistant sunscreen creates a physical barrier between the sun’s harmful rays and your skin, guaranteeing adequate protection. To use our waterproof sunscreen, simply apply the formula, let it dry for 20 minutes and reapply every two hours for longer-term protection.

Waterproof sunscreen for every skin type 

At Key Sun Zinke, we believe the best waterproof sunscreen is sunscreen for all! That’s why our collection addresses SPF concerns with options suitable for all skin types. We love zinc oxide as a physical sunscreen ingredient because it provides effective broad-spectrum protection without irritating the skin, making it ideal for those prone to skin sensitivities.

Our White Zinke formula is perfect sun protection for the entire family, developed to keep anyone safe against harmful UVA and UVB rays. All our waterproof sunscreens are paraben-free and hypoallergenic.

You can also use our waterproof sunscreens for your face, and if you’re worried about the dreaded white cast often found in effective waterproof sunscreens, Key Sun Zinke has got you covered! 

We also love our Tanne Zinke sunscreens, which are pigmented enough to give you the glow of a slight tan while still offering a thick but comfortable layer of SPF 30 protection! Even better, all our waterproof sunscreen formulations are available as Zinke Sticks — perfect for fussy kids or on-the-go reapplication throughout the day!

Enjoy the sunshine unconditionally when you shop suncare at Key Sun Zinke

From the convenience of our easy-to-apply Zinke Sticks to our soothing and nourishing after-sun lotion, Key Sun Zinke’s comprehensive range of waterproof sunscreen and suncare solutions will let you embrace the sunshine!

Shop our exceptional suncare solutions online today to enjoy free shipping across Australia on all orders over $50.


What sunscreen is waterproof?

Waterproof sunscreens contain certain ingredients that enable the formulation to withstand water exposure and maintain its SPF level for longer. Key Sun Zinke’s waterproof sunscreen uses zinc oxide as its main ingredient, maintaining its water resistance for up to four hours before reapplication is required. 

What is the difference between water-resistant and waterproof sunscreen?

The terms ‘water-resistant’ and ‘waterproof’ are often used in the context of sunscreens to indicate their ability to provide SPF protection while exposed to water or sweat. While ‘waterproof’ was commonly used in the past, new regulations have meant ‘water-resistant’ is now the most widely used description for sunscreens. 

Does waterproof sunscreen work for swimming?

Yes, Key Sun Zinke’s water-resistant sunscreen stays waterproof for four hours, even when you’re swimming. As a mineral or physical sunscreen that uses zinc, it’s waterproof or water-resistant because the physical layer creates a barrier between harmful rays! This ingredient is also insoluble in water, so you can be confident in your SPF protection. 

Does waterproof sunscreen come off in the shower?

Yes, with the help of soaps and whatever cleanser you use, waterproof sunscreen should come off when you shower thoroughly.