Key Sun Clear Zinke

Embrace the sun confidently with Key Sun Zinke's Clear Zinke line, your go-to clear zinc sunscreen in Australia. This range is specifically crafted to provide SPF 50+ protection while maintaining a sheer appearance on your skin.

Perfect for all skin types, Clear Zinke ensures you get the highest level of sun protection without the residue typically associated with zinc sunscreens. Whether you're at the beach or out for a day in the city, our sunscreen gives you durable, broad-spectrum coverage against UVA and UVB rays.

Protect your and your loved ones’ skin today

Protect your skin with Keysun Zinke's Clear Zinke, the clear choice for a clear zinc sunscreen. Shop now for your sunscreen needs and relish the sunny days carefree. Continue your skincare regime with our soothing After Sun Lotion, explore more waterproof sunscreen options for extra care and get free shipping across Australia on orders over $50!


What makes Key Sun Clear Zinke different from other clear zinc sunscreens?

Key Sun Clear Zinke stands out among other clear zinc sunscreens in Australia due to its high SPF 50+ rating and unique formula, which offers a completely transparent finish. This ensures robust protection without leaving any white cast, making it suitable for all skin tones.

How long does Clear Zinke sunscreen last on the skin, and how often should I reapply it?

Clear Zinke sunscreen provides durable sun protection and lasts on the skin for up to four hours. For continuous protection, especially after swimming, sweating or towel drying, it is recommended to reapply every two hours.

Can I wear Clear Zinke under makeup?

Absolutely, Clear Zinke is designed to be lightweight and non-greasy, making it an excellent base for makeup. Its clear formula ensures it blends invisibly with your skin, providing protection without affecting your makeup look. If you choose to use it as a base, it's best to allow some time for the product to settle before applying makeup to ensure optimal blending and comfort.

Can I use Clear Zinke on my children?

Yes, Clear Zinke is safe for children. Its gentle, hypoallergenic formula is free from parabens and other irritants, making it suitable for young and sensitive skin.

What other zinc products can I find on your website?

Besides Clear Zinke, we have a variety of zinc-based products, including Tanne Zinke for those seeking a tinted option, White Zinke for traditional high-coverage protection and convenient Zinke Sticks perfect for on-the-go applications.