Key Sun Tanne Zinke

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Meet our high protection SPF 30+ Zinke in a tan colour that’s perfect for sport, days at the beach, and working outside. When you want to protect your skin from sunburn and signs of ageing, look no further than Tanne Zinke from Key Sun. The thick zinc formula offers high protection from the sun during the day's heat, so you can get out and about in the great outdoors without worrying about your skin. 

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Even if you’re not going in the water, extreme heat causes our skin to sweat. Without a high-quality, water-resistant sunscreen, this can lead to sunburn and skin damage, even if you’re applying sunscreen according to the product directions. Key Sun Tanne Zinke has a thick and water-resistant formula that resists sweat and keeps you and your family safe, whether at the beach, the pool, on a bushwalk, fielding on the cricket pitch or kayaking down a river. 

We’re passionate about sun protection, and we developed our Tanne Zinke for people like you who care about sun safety and your family's safety. Have questions about our product range? Get in touch, and we’ll answer any queries you may have. 

Key Sun Tanne Zinke – Australian-made and owned sun protection

Aussies know that our sun isn’t like anywhere else in the world. With harsh conditions and scorching rays being a part of our lives, it’s essential to have the right sun protection to keep you and your family safe from damage.

The Key Sun range of Tanne Zinke, and White Zinke was developed to offer excellent, water-resistant sun protection all day long. Our trusted range of products lasts for 4 hours even in the water, and is suitable for all ages. Shop the entire range of sun protection products today, and find out why families choose Key Sun Tanne Zinke to stay sun safe and protected all summer long.