Clear Zinke

Key Sun Clear Zinke SPF50+ Very High Protection Sunscreen Lotion

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White Zinke

A white coloured SPF 30+ zinc cream for high protection from sunburn.

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Tanne Zinke

A tanne coloured SPF 30+ zinc cream for high protection from sunburn.

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5g Coloured Sticks

Fantastic, functional & fun colours that are perfect for sports carnivals.

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Future-proof your skin with high-spectrum Zinke sunscreen from Key Sun

If you’ve been looking for a quality Australian-made and owned product to protect you from the harsh Australian sun, look no further than Key Sun Zinke for broad-spectrum protection. Key Sun Zinke has worked to develop quality sun protection products that are long-lasting and with 4 hours of water resistance for the best possible protection for your skin under Australian conditions.

Discover safe and effective sun protection — shop Key Sun Zinke in Australia

Key Sun Zinke offers Australian-made and owned products that protect you from the harsh Aussie sun. Created with the finest skin-loving ingredients that soothe and hydrate the skin, our sunscreen is safe and effective even under extreme weather conditions.

Our sunscreen comes in a range of options — choose from tanne or white Zinke sunscreen, or browse our entire collection today! Need guidance on the best ways to stay sun safe? Read our handy list of sun-safety tips, or contact us, and we’ll be happy to provide you with additional information.

Don't take our word for it


I absolutley love this product. As a surfer for over twenty years I've used a wide range of sunblocks and Key Sun Zinke Tanne is easily the best. I can surf for hours and it stays on, it smells good and I never, ever get sunburnt. Excellent product.


May 2021


I was looking for a quality, safe and long-lasting sunscreen as I compete in triathlons (hours on end in the sun). I found Zinke and honestly, I couldn’t be happier! Highly recommend this product!


March 2021


Have been using Key Sun Zinke Tanne for many years. Initially found in a chemist but due to lack of stockists I have been purchasing directly online. I have very fair skin and a family history of skin cancer. Spent hours in the sun on my kayak and never been burnt once. Highly recommend this product.


October 2021


If you surf KEY SUN ZINKE CLEAR is the best , stays on dose not get on your board and make it slippery. Doesn’t get in your eyes and sting, doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy.


February 2021